Wir haben Hunger feat. Get Germanized

Dominik from Get Germanized stopped by to help me sing Wir haben Hunger. The lyrics to the song are listed below the video. Subtitles are available in German and English.

Download a copy of my “haben” and “sein” conjugation quiz with the answer key for FREE here.

Wir haben Hunger featuring @GetGermanized

Wir haben Hunger Lyrics

Wir haben Hunger Hunger Hunger
haben Hunger Hunger Hunger
haben Hunger Hunger Hunger
haben Durst.

Wo bleibt das Essen Essen Essen
bleibt das Essen Essen Essen
bleibt das Essen Essen Essen
bleibt die Wurst.

More Collaborations with Dominik from Get Germanized

Herr Antrim and Dominik have collaborated on a number of occasions. In 2017, Herr Antrim created a list of German Learning YouTube channels. Dominik was, of course, on the list. Also that year, he worked with several YouTube channels to sing “O Tannenbaum” (Oh, Christmas Tree in German). The previous year, Herr Antrim collaborated with a bunch of YouTube channels in one video. That video showed you how to pronounce “tschechisches Streichholzschรคchtelchen“. Many consider that word one of the most difficult things to say in German.

Older Versions of “Wir haben Hunger” by Herr Antrim

Wir haben Hunger: Version 1

The first video of this song I uploaded was simply an auto-tuned song from one of my classes. I just put random pictures of Dรถner Kebab on the video to give the people something to look at. At first I liked the video, but let’s be honest, it wasn’t a good video. I have since removed the video from YouTube, as it was simply awful.

Wir haben Hunger: Version 2

The second version I uploaded was just me playing around with an autotune app I had found on my iPhone. I found the lyrics to a longer version of the song online. No one else had done the full song on YouTube. So, I uploaded it even though I knew is sounded terrible. YouTubers around the world agreed that it was awful and awarded me a bunch of downvotes for my efforts.

Wir Haben Hunger- Full Song - Deutsch lernen

This version includes a few extra verses that were not in the version with Get Germanized. You can see the additional lyrics used below.

Extended Lyrics for “Wir haben Hunger”

Wenn wir nichts kriegen kriegen kriegen
fressen wir Fliegen Fliegen Fliegen
fressen wir Fliegen Fliegen Fliegen
von der Wand.

Wenn die nicht schmecken schmecken schmecken
fressen wir Schnecken Schnecken Schnecken
fressen wir Schnecken Schnecken Schnecken
aus dem Wald

Wenn die nicht reichen reichen reichen
fressen wir Leichen Leichen Leichen
fressen wir Leichen Leichen Leichen
aus dem Grab.

Wenn die nicht langen langen langen
essen wir Schlangen Schlangen Schlangen
essen wir Schlangen Schlangen Schlangen
aus dem Wald.

The First Serious Attempt

After two failed attempts to make a decent “Wir haben Hunger” video, I decided to upload a new one. This was a part of the celebration of my channel series. I planned to say thanks for the 10,000 subscribers and 1 million total views. Here is the result of that effort.

Wir haben Hunger: Full Song - Lied - Deutsch lernen

More Songs with Herr Antrim

If you haven’t seen them before, Herr Antrim has posted this video in a variety of different formats before this video. Here you can find more versions of this song. He used to sing German songs all of the time on his YouTube channel. Nowadays he does it less frequently, but occasionally he uploads a song or two.

Most recently he sang several songs about German prepositions. Each of those songs teach you which prepositions go with which case. He even included two songs about the two-way prepositions. Together with his daughter, Sophia, he sang the song “Kopf, Schulter, Knie und FuรŸ” (German version of “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes”). Before that it was a long time between songs on Herr Antrim’s YouTube channel.

Using German Music to Learn German

Herr Antrim loves using German music to learn German. There are so many benefits. You can work on pronunciation by imitating the band. There are vocabulary lessons built into every song ever written. If you look deep enough, you can find grammar lessons within the lyrics.

Lyrical analysis videos are one of Herr Antrim’s favorite kind of video to make. The song “Traum” by Cro can teach you about command form in German. Herr Antrim uses the song “In meinem Leben” by Nena every year in his classes to teach about the Perfekt tense. While he hasn’t made that many of these kinds of lessons lately, you can find several of them in this playlist.

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